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The story of Tatami is a story of food that goes on. You have just become a part of the story. What role will you choose?

I hear Ľuboš shouting into my ear through a crowd that he has got a job for me. A few days later I’m on my way to the Vienna Fishmarket. I’m tasked with supplying a panasian restaurant that will soon become the best one in Slovakia. I’m faced with dozens of new ingredients, terms and tasks every day. I’m soaking information up like a sponge. Although I don’t know why, I have got a feeling I should have always been here.

Our story

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Get inspired by our food. Choose from a variety of specialties from asian cuisine.


Our menu

In order to be able to prepare a dish that is unique and fresh, we prefer our guests to book a table prior to visiting our tasting room. We would be very happy to welcome you even without a prior reservation; however, due to capacity contraints we cannot guarantee you a free table.

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